Welcome to Geese At Your Feet Outfitters.
Did you know that in the 2008 - 2009 season, PA goose hunters harvested an estimated 231,000+ Canada geese, making PA #1 for canada goose harvest in North America for 2 years in a row?

Pa is loaded with prime waterfowling habitat. We have an estimated resident goose population of 290,000+. In addition to an exploding resident population, PA gets covered by up to 1.1 million visiting migrators from November to March.

Geese At Your Feet Outfitters specializes in Canada Goose hunts. We have the guides, the equiptment, and the know how to put geese at your feet!! We hunt geese primarily out of layout blinds in harvested corn, wheat, soybean, and hay fields. We may also hunt ponds, creeks, and rivers depending on bird activity.

Along with phenomenal canada goose hunting, PA hosts up to hundreds of thousands of migrating snow geese on there return journey home each spring. Snow goose hunting is an entirely different kind of goose hunting. To be in the vortex of a snow goose tornado, is to experience waterfowling heaven!! Come chase the white devil with Geese At Your Feet!!

Geese At Your Feet Outfitters also offers early and late season duck hunts. We specialize in trophy wood duck hunts, and If your looking for a mature drake woodie for the wall, we can make it happen!! We have phenomenal wood duck spots, with over a 90% opportunity for a limit success rate in the early October season. If your looking for that trophy wood duck, book now because spots are almost gone!!

Our hunts begin long before the 3 AM wakeup, setting the spread, brushing the blinds, and pulling the trigger!! Windshield time is essential to successful waterfowling!! Here at Geese At Your Feet Outfitters, we scout every single day of the season and be assured that we will do our absolute best to put you on the X!!

We are located in South Central PA, near Harrisburg, and we hunt the entire southeastern corner of the state. So bring on the migration, they will be greeted upon arrival!!